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Learn Meditation

Basics of meditation.

Learn how to establish a meditation practice using

MBSR method (Meditation Based Stress Relief).

Meets online weekly or Self pace course

Mindfulness and Mandala Art Program

Learn how to draw "Mandalas"

for self-inquiry, stress management- mindfulness.

Meets weekly online-Zoom.


Yoga for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovering:

A support group to learn basic yoga-mindful movements and breath work for self regulation .

-Trauma Informed-

Class is tailored for individuals recovering from addictions and mental illnesses (Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma).

Available Online and at Rehabilitation Centers, Mental Health Clinics.

Meets weekly on-site or online via Zoom.

Yoga for Caregivers:

Yoga & mindfulness for self care. Group or individual classes to learn wellness and copying mechanisms for caregivers of individuals with disabilities.

Yoga for Seniors:

Group classes provided at assistive living communities, skilled nursing facilities & seniors recreation centers

Promotes balance-equilibrium for falls prevention, and improved mental focus.

Includes Chair-Yoga or floor yoga .

Corporate Yoga:

Yoga & wellness conveniently at the work place.

Great for offices, business, clinics, hospitals, etc.

Burnout relief-prevention programs.

Addresses prevention of:

-occupational related

-degenerative joint and musculoskeletal conditions,

-poor posture, pain management,

-prevention, etc.

Mindful Yoga -Kids @Schools:

Mindful movement at school.

Promotes self regulation and improved academic focus.

Adaptable to ADHD, Autism, and Developmental Disabilities.

Class duration: 30 minutes

Restorative Yoga:

Gentle stretching

Stress relief

Pain management from degenerative conditions & contractures managment

Self regulation (Suitable for ADHD, Autism, Developmental Disabilities, etc.)

Yoga all levels:

Available in different settings and environments.

Adapted to each group or individual needs

(Email for group and individual rates).

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